Cuvva is an app that lets you effortlessly rent your car to your friends with minimal effort, it’ll even sort out insurance too. Founded by Freddy Macnamara who grew up in rural Scotland where he was frequently stranded, with buses into town leaving only twice a day. He became frustrated that despite the fact his family and friends all had cars close by sitting idle, he couldn’t drive them.

He says: “Insurance is broken, and I believe I can help to fix it – we’ve turned a process that normally takes an hour, into a 10 second, on-demand service on your smartphone. What Uber have done for booking a taxi, we have now done for ‘getting Cuvva’d’.”

Version 2 creates a zero friction model, closes information symmetry, so friends who want to borrow cars know which of their friends’ have cars they are happy to lend in return for a cash contribution, and vice versa.


It uses the Facebook graph, meaning that people only lend their cars to trusted friends, and noone else.

Now that Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry and Uber the taxi industry, Cuvva are disrupting an industry barely changed in over 100 years, car insurance.

The service isn’t new, one million miles have been driven by users insured under the Cuvva app. Find out more here.

I’ve installed the Cuvva and the sign up process is one of the easiest, most streamlined experiences I’ve ever had with an app. Now, I just need to encourage my friends to sign up so I can borrow their cars.

Would you rent your car to your friends?