Many of us has already suspected this, but research by Who Can Fix My Car has proven it – car repairs can cost dramatically more or less depending on where you live.

Unfortunately for the Norfolk-based Team T8, East Anglia is the most expensive region in the UK to have your motor fixed, with the average visit setting you back £241 – well above the average of £220 – while over in Northern Ireland you’re more likely to pay just £180. Even London isn’t as expensive as East Anglia.

Driving habits also vary depending on location, with motorists in the capital needing more bodywork on the expensive Beamers and Mercs they force through chronic congestion every day. Liverpudlians are apparently 30% more likely to need the clutch replaced, drivers in Scotland need more work done on Japanese 4×4’s due to the rough terrain, and for some reason Nissans are 70% more popular in the North East than anywhere else. Who knew?

So the moral of the story is don’t live in East Anglia. Awkward.