The Renault Captur arrived in time to carry myself and Nell around Wales and The Forest of Dean – a trip she’s written about in detail here. We were very grateful for its handsome looks and decent size. It’s what Renault call an Urban Crossover, a small SUV-style family car. The urban bit basically means that it’s not a 4×4 and you won’t want to take it off road. If you need to tackle the hazards of a city, however, it’s great!

It’s similar in purpose to the Mini Countryman and the Nissan Juke, these small crossovers are fantastic for small families but the styling of each of them tends to divide opinion.

Exterior styling

This is a handsome car. It looks like nothing else on the road and in the Arizona orange, it stands out.

There are a few styling options you can choose on this car. The Arizona package is based around that striking orange but you don’t have to go for the whole car in this colour. How about a black Captur with a orange roof or an orange Captur with a white roof? The colour combination is up to you.

There’s also Miami, which gives you a range of blues to choose from and the New York and Manhattan collections that are based around chic combinations of black, grey and red.

IMG_3775The 17″ Explore alloy wheels are beautiful. Very different to anything out there on similarly priced cars.

Interior styling

The interior is all clean lines and lots of space. The MediaNav system is really easy to use and the satellite navigation got us safely around some exciting roads in Wales. It was also really easy to connect my phone to the car via Bluetooth, this made listening to my Road Trip playlist nice and simple. I couldn’t get my USB phone connector to work in the car, it would connect and disconnect itself over and over meaning I couldn’t listen to anything or charge my iPhone’s pitiful battery.

The car is full of orange accents, which I loved. There’s a fun element to the interior of this car, it’s cheerful and doesn’t take itself too seriously but it’s practical too.

Practicality and comfort

This was a really comfortable car to drive. It’s got a nice, high ride height, which makes visibility great and means its an easy car to load as well as to get in and out of.

There’s a decent amount of boot space but the rear seats slide, meaning you can either increase passenger comfort, or move the seats forward for a bit of extra room. The seats also split fold to increase boot size to 1,235 litres. As you can see from the video above, this was hugely practical for myself and Nell on our Welsh road trip.

The 1.5 dCi 90 diesel engine gets a fantastic 76.4mpg and this makes the car massively practical for anything you might want to do, whether it be multiple trips to the shops or cruising along hilly Welsh roads.

The car will also help you to drive as economically as possible. There’s a bar in the dashboard that will change colour depending on how you drive. Green is good, red is not. Keep the bar green and you and your car will be happy, eco-friendly and economical.


IMG_3811The 1.5l diesel engine isn’t the quickest engine on offer. On hilly Welsh roads, with a car full of stuff, it really struggled. The drive wasn’t fun or exciting in any way (save for the views) but the comfort-factor made up for that.

The smaller turbo charged petrol engines are a little more punchy, so you’ll have to decide whether you want a fun drive or an economical one. That being said, the 0.9l petrol engine gives 90 bhp and returns 56.5 mpg while the slightly more powerful 1.2l, 120bhp engine will do 52.3 mpg – so whatever you choose, you’re hardly going to get a thirsty car.


IMG_3792This would make a great family car for anyone who wants a bit of style combined with comfort and practicality. This is also a car that’s not going to cost you the earth to run, which is always a bonus.

This probably isn’t the car for you if you’re looking for a crossover that’s closer to SUV than it is family hatchback.

Price from: £14,195. As driven: £18,284. Find out more about the Renault Captur here.