I’ve tried to keep the title of this post calm and collected. Professional, if you will. The problem with that is it doesn’t quite get across my excitement for this piece of news.

A few years ago I looked into the price of converting a left-hand-drive Mustange to RHD. I found a beautiful orange specimen but the costs involved were just way too high. Perhaps when I’m rich, I thought.

I was texting my dad about his Astra VXR while watching Top Gear last night and I missed the Mustang news. Only for my boyfriend to exclaim ‘did you hear that?’.

A quick rewind and I was rolling around in muscle car glee (!).

It doesn’t matter that I won’t get a V8, it doesn’t matter that it will be slow, and I don’t give two hoots about the 2.0l eco-boost engine over one of the huge 5.0l engines. (Although even the base model has a 3.7l engine in the US.)

It might be boring but I do care about fuel consumption, so if I can get a RWD muscle car that does 30mpg, I’m happy.


I currently have a 1.2 Fiat Punto, a 2.0l engine will be a huge step in the right direction. I like power, I like oversteer, I like a good roar but most importantly I like how a car looks. (Yes, yes, Fiat Punto, I know…).

The Mustangs destined for the UK will probably be a bit smaller than the current beasts. More like the older Pony cars. This means they will be lighter and faster than the larger versions. The image at the top of this post is just a concept and although they are beautiful, they aren’t quite muscle-car enough for me. It looks too… Ford.

These last few weeks, I’ve been driving everyone insane with my waffle on new cars. My decision making went something like this. Audi A3, what about a TT? Na, Golf GTi. Boring. Some sort of Alfa? Left hand drive Mustang – I can barely drive in a RHD car. A3. S3? Golf. 147. Guilietta. Old Ferrari? Arbarth, yes, Arbarth. But that’s just a Fiat. Audi, yes Audi. MUSTANG.

Mustang For Penny

I can’t stop thinking about a car that doesn’t yet exist and I wouldn’t, realistically, be getting for 18 months.

Buying a Mustang for the US price would work out at about £13k. However, with so much to be done to get it ready for Europe that’s likely to bump the costs up to nearer £20k with the really high-spec models being in the £50k range. I better get saving my pennies…