Well, almost all of us.

You’ll probably have guessed that I’m guilty of road rage, especially when it comes to people who don’t indicate. New research shows that I am not alone!

9/10 of us suffer from road rage and drivers who do not indicate was shown to be the top reason why we get angry behind the wheel. No surprise there.

These stats come from a YouGov survey commissioned by 1st Central and along with the stats, they’ve released a game that busts some of the common myths surrounding road law. Play Road Rule-ette below.

I played and managed to get through to the end with just three penalty points but a few of those answers were a guess and I certainly didn’t know that middle-lane hoggers can now get an on-the-spot fine (as of August 2013, apparently) – thank god!

It seems that many of us are very poorly educated when it comes to new road laws. We know what we know from our theory tests but when laws change and new ones come in, it seems we get left behind.

  • 77% of people asked have seen either no change or an increase in tailgating since stricter law was put in place
  • 59% said they have seen no change in tailgating since stricter law were put in place last year and 18% have seen an increase in incidents
  • Only 4% stated they had seen a decrease in tailgating on the motorway
  • 16% of drivers stated they had seen an increase in ‘middle lane hogging’ and 60% said they have noticed no change at all since on-the-spot fines have been introduced

Don’t make me angry

‘Drivers who do not indicate’ is stated as the top reason why people experience road rage (68%). This was equal to ‘drivers who change lanes dangerously’ and ‘drivers using a mobile phone’.

  • 53% of Londoners stated that cyclists who are not paying attention to the road and drivers of large vehicles (i.e. bus or lorry drivers) who drive unsafely on the road cause them frustration when driving
  • The Welsh found slow drivers most frustrating with near half (49%) stating slow drivers cause road rage

The moral of this story is to drive sensibly with due care and attention and to BLOODY INDICATE! Then you won’t have people swearing at you from their cars or writing about you on the internet. Is it really that hard?

Let me know you got on with Road Rule-ette in the comments.

Photo credit: noisemedia.