I’m just over halfway through our amazing trip around the UK and Ireland. It’s been a whirlwind of meetings, photoshoots, charging points, epic roads and city centres. They’re have been a lot of mayors too – 13 as the count stands.

I’m writing this as a I sip a JD and diet Pepsi (is that Pepsi Max?) at our hotel in Aberdeen, driving done for the day.

It’s so hard to cram 12 days worth of epic road trip fun into one blog post but I’ll summarise the main things I’ve learnt so far along this trip.

People know nothing about electric cars

I’m asked questions about range, charging times, top speed, practicality etc. and almost every answer I give is met with ‘oh I didn’t know that’. I’ll be creating an FAQ.

I’m really enjoying the myth-busting element of this trip.

So smooth

I love the smooth, instant torque of an electric car.

I’m attached

She’s blue, called LoKi and Drive Electric might not get her back.

I knew England was beautiful but…

I was quite unprepared.

I’m a more confident driver than I ever thought

I once did a video and blog post about becoming a more confident driver. I spoke about my early driving years and how IĀ hatedĀ it. Things have changed dramatically since then but this road trip has sky rocketed that confidence. I now roll into a busy city without a care in the world because I know I can handle it. The Kia and I arrive with the silent roar of ‘electric Jess is here’.

I love long, windy, hilly roads

Cairngorms GoPro

(Just a small snippet of the roads I’ve been driving – not necessarily the windiest or hilliest…)

Even in a car that weighs two tonnes, I’m enjoying some of these spectacular roads. I’ll be putting together a list of some of my favourites very soon.

Charging infrastructure is better than you think (but it has its faults)

We haven’t struggled to charge and the places where we thought it might be tricky have been some of the easiest. There are charging points everywhere, you just don’t notice them when you drive a petrol or diesel car.

Some standardisation would be nice, rather than working out which app/card you need to use each time.

Scotland calls and the rest of the trip will see me driving some awesome roads, meeting even more lovely people and then making my way into Ireland to do it all again!

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