I don’t have to commute to work, unless you count walking from my bedroom to my office, still in my pyjamas, a commute. There was a time when I drove to work like so many of you and part of me misses the days of clear country roads to bomb down without another car in sight. That was only a reality when it was the school holidays, though. When I had to face erratic, nervous and aggressive parents on the school run, it all became a lot less fun.

A study conducted by Road Safety Systems has shown that school traffic increases the average commute by more than 23%. That means your hour long commute could take around an extra 15 minutes just because the kids have gone back to school and so many of us forget to factor this in and leave the house at the same time.

The effect of this school traffic is mostly seen in cities and smaller roads, if you commute via a motorway then you might not be affected so badly.

Public transport is also negatively affected by the increased traffic on the roads so you’re not even safe from being late if you take the bus.

Now, I hate to break the bad news to you but it seems one of the only modes of transport relatively unaffected is the bicycle. Read the survey results for yourself here. This is down to increasing cycle paths and the ease at which a bike can weave through stationary traffic.

A lot of cyclists actually say that it’s easier to move through and overtake slow lines of traffic than it is to be overtaken on slightly quieter roads. Part of this is because drivers are often too impatient to wait to overtake a bike, this leads to drivers passing way too closely. This is something we intend to cover on Turn Eight at a later date, all road users need to live in harmony.

Do you drive to work in the mornings and has your journey been affected by the schools going back?