The announcement of the new James Bond film sent a little shiver of excitement through me. The latest James Bond films are more or less reboots of the originals and I’m okay with that, especially if that means more awful puns and pretty cars. Yes, yes, I’m excited about James Bond taking on Spectre but this film, for me, is all about the car. The Aston Martin DB10.

This is exciting because this car is being developed specifically for Spectre. Aston Martin has worked closely with the producers of the new Bond film to create the perfect car for 007. That’s just cool.

I’ve recently been working my way through the Bond films and I have a new found appreciation for a good spy movie (or action movie, as some of them are) and I particularly like Daniel Craig – you can probably guess why.

However, the cars have always been a big selling point for me (and perhaps one of the reasons I finally acquiesced when the boyfriend suggested for the 10th time we watch all the films). I can’t wait to see this car in action.

Production will be limited to just 10 of these beautiful cars, each one being developed and built by the designers, engineers, and highly skilled craftspeople at Aston Martin HQ.

Honestly, we don’t know much about the DB10¬†other than how it looks. I love that long bonnet, it’s svelte and sexy. Perfectly Bond. Details of the gadgets haven’t been released yet and we’ll probably have to wait for Q’s reveal when the film goes on general release in November 2015.

Maybe it’ll fly….