The Renualt Twingo is a spectacular little rear-engined city car that has more charm than a lot of other little cars in this niche. Many small cars lack personality and either look like blown up toys or shrunken down version of their big brothers.

The Renault Twingo sits nicely apart, though, with good looks that aren’t too cutesy or gimmicky. It doesn’t just look like a small version of a Clio or a Megane but the Renualt good looks are there.

I was recently blown away by the new advert for the Twingo, it sums up everything I love about cars (except maybe the performance side but that car does sound spectacular as it drives away at the end).

There’s a fun factor to this video that so many car brands are lacking. It’s no wonder so many people dislike driving when the majority of car adverts are a little dry or over-dramatic. Coming from a marketing background, I can really appreciate a car advert that’s aimed at women with small dogs and a penchant for rugby boys. After all, it’s us ladies who make the majority of the purchasing decisions when it comes to cars.

Cars can be fun, practical and stylish. And you definitely don’t need to know a ton about the inner workings of cars to enjoy them. The Renault Twingo is a fun little city car but that rear-engine also makes the car nice and light at the front. Not only do you get a very nice looking vehicle but you also get something that’s very agile on country roads and has a very small turning circle!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Renault but all opinions are my own!