My experiences with Goodwood Festival Speed this year were painfully brief. I was there to work but traffic and a few other elements beyond my control meant that I didn’t actually get the chance to do anything I was supposed to. Instead I had the pleasure of spending time with Rebecca Jackson in the Porsche hospitality area where we lunched with Mitch Evans and various lovely people from the racing and motoring world.


I did get to spend a glorious time watch Rebecca rev the Porscahe Targa 4 GTS ahead of her hill climb before I ventured off on my own to explore the show. From that point, my attention was mostly grabbed by Mustangs with a few other sleek, sporty things thrown in for good measure.







I stumbled across the Bill Shepherd Mustang stand and spent much of my time looking over the gorgeous cars on offer. From the classic to the modern. If there's ever anything that cements my love for these cars, it's being able to see and feel their presence in person while have a good look into those pristine engine bays.



So. Much. Racing. Green


My preferred Mustang for long drives around the sunny parts of Europe. Nice to Monaco, anyone?





From there, it was only right that I dribble over a few NASCAR cars before heading home. I don't care what people say about the sport, it's a soap opera and I'm slowly growing to love it, despite the minimal amount of racing I've actually seen.


Favourite Mustang of the show (also favourite Mustang ever). Ken Block's Hoonicorn.IMG_8719


I haven't included all the pictures I took of Nissan GTRs, there were many. The green one was the highlight.IMG_8721Finally, a car that's close to my heart, a Fiat Barchetta. I love these little things.

All in all Goodwood was amazing but I wish I'd had more time to spend there. Next year I will spend a full weekend surrounded by noise and the smell of burning rubber.