For those who really enjoy the pleasures of driving, there are a number of roads in the United Kingdom that are waiting to thrill motorists. The best roads in the UK offer challenges for the driver while also providing some of the most stunning scenery that can be found in the world. While some people might enjoy testing all the roads to find the best ones, it can be a lot simpler to start with a list of some of the best driving roads in Britain.

The Cat and Fiddle – For those with a small, nippy vehicle, the A537 in the Peak District, also known as Cat and Fiddle Road, can be one of the more challenging roads. Anything bigger or less responsive may have trouble with all of the twists found on it, but the right car can really bring out the thrills.

A404 – This route, including the 404M, is especially enjoyable between Maidenhead and High Wycombe. Vehicles can get up a good bit of speed at times and it features hills, corners and roundabouts.

A43 – Though it can be incredibly frustrating during busy hours of the day, driving the A43 from Duddington to Corby at night is a completely different experience. There are some quick straight stretches to crank up the engine, along with enough hills to really keep things interesting.

A6 – Though a bit short at only three miles, the A6 Chapel-en-le-Frith bypass has no junctions and has more than a few bends in its short distance.

A7 – This stretch between Galashiels and Edinburgh is fast and challenging with good visibility and straight sections. Even better, there is not normally a lot of police activity. The road is wide enough to allow a good build up of speed.

A4212 – From Bala to Trawsfynydd the speed limit is 60 miles per hour the entire stretch and there are lots of opportunities for overtaking. It adds sweeping bends and lots of changes in elevation, yet maintains good visibility for safety. The driving surface is also smooth throughout.

A272 – Though it can sometimes get packed with vehicles, this road from Petersfield toward Brighton has plenty of twists and turns along with some of the country’s best scenery. There aren’t many overtaking opportunities, though, so when traffic is heavy it might not offer much of a driving challenge. During quiet times, however, there are few finer roads in the UK.

A15 – Lovely sweeping bends are a feature of this road from Bourne to Lincoln. Perhaps its best feature is that it is usually a fairly lonely stretch of road, meaning there is little traffic to fight.

Whether you’re driving for pleasure or to find a challenge, there are a number of roads in Britain that fit the bill. Some have twists, others speedy straights and incredible scenery, while a few combine them all. Whatever a driver is looking for, there’s a road in the UK that has it.

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