I’ve been obsessed with muscle cars for many, many years. The raw noise and power coming from a huge engine, those good looks, did I mention the noise? But those big engines might be under threat from the government’s plans to hit net zero emissions.

The ban coming into place in the UK is for new petrol and diesel cars so before you say goodbye to your beloved V8, remember that you’ll be able to hold onto it for many years to come. For those of us thinking about buying some new muscle in the future, we may need to bring those plans forward.

I’ve been looking at AAcars for some UK muscle, particularly the new Ford Mustang and preferably with the 5.0l V8. However, I’m not keen on contributing to the slow demise of our planet so I would settle for the 2.0l Ecoboost, which is pretty nippy even if it does lack that V8 grumble.

Electric cars are going to become more and more prevalent¬†in the coming years and they’ll become more viable even for petrolheads. Of course, there will be some push back but this is something we need to accept and the sooner you can learn to love an EV, the happier you’ll be.

That being said, get your V8 fix now. If you’re dreaming about that imported Camaro sitting on your drive, or are considering a road trip, now’s the time to take action. Buy your dream car because there’s a chance that in 30-40 years, you won’t be able to.

Classic cars and future classics aren’t just going to be wiped off the road once the ban comes in but they’ll be harder to get, prices will go up and there will probably be an even heftier tax to pay.

There is hope, however, as hybrid cars (those containing a combustion engine and electric motor) will not be included in the 2040 ban. This means that a lot of the high-end sports cars will remain safe and for those that want a fully electric supercar, there’s the likes of the Next EV NIO EP9 or the Vanda Dendrobium.

In theory, the cost of these powerful hybrids and EVs will have dropped by the time the petrol ban comes into force. The technology going into electric cars is improving all the time and as it improves, costs go down. Already, EVs are much closer in price to the diesel alternative than they once were.

Buy your dream car as soon as you can because, while the threat isn’t imminent, there’s a chance that somewhere down the line we’ll be living in a world of driverless electric cars.