While a road trip can be a great deal of fun, it also pays to be prepared. What are some essential items to bring along during any excursion with friends or family?

Kitchen items

It is always a good idea to have a handful of basic kitchen accessories when travelling. Although you do not necessarily need to possess gourmet cooking implements, simple items such as knives, forks and plates will prove quite useful.

Clothing for Different Climates

It is sometimes difficult to know what the weather has in store; particularly if you are planning a long journey. Bring along clothing intended for both hot and cold weather. Experts agree that wool is a much better fabric than cotton when referring to thermal insulation. There is nothing worse than shivering for no reason when you are supposed to be enjoying your time away from home.

Bathroom Essentials

Toiletries are another category to address. Items within this checklist should include toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, towels, and washcloths. Never forget that some budget hotels might not include these as standard options and bathroom essentials are even more important if you plan on camping. If you own a camping van, it is also prudent to make certain that the bathroom facilities are functioning. Check all plumbing and see if the ventilation system is adequate. If you require an upgrade or replacement, this helpful cargo roof vent comparison guide will prove to be an invaluable asset.

Electronic Gadgets

We live in the electronic age, so it only makes sense to bring along any important gadgets that can aid in your journey. Common items include smartphones, tablets, phablets and GPS systems. These will enable you to remain in contact with loved ones and in the event of an emergency, help is never far off.

First Aid

You should always be prepared for any eventualities and this includes an accident or injury. As medical attention may not be at your immediate disposal, possessing a first-aid kit is essential. Make certain that this bundle contains items including triangular bandages, gauze wraps, a tourniquet, and butterfly clips (to hold bandages together). Also, most modern should contain emergency blankets. These blankets will help to retain body heat until help arrives.

Games and Activities

Road trips can be boring at times; particularly for young children. Bring along a selection of handheld games in order to occupy your time. Other activities such as playing cards and making sentences by reading the letters within other licence plates are great ways to stave off the doldrums of the open road.

Things to Keep in Mind

Always plan your route ahead of time and tell at least two friends when you intend to arrive at a specific destination. Bring along any necessary medication and above all, make certain that the vehicle is in good condition.

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