I don’t know about you but I’m just sitting in front of my television wrapped in a duvet with the kettle boiling waiting for the Australian Grand Prix to start. I thought I’d abandon my F1 nest for just a moment to write a blog post I think you can all relate to.

Saying hello to Twitter at the start of a race

butt grab

When you hear someone talking about F1 from across the room

Bottas swag

Supporting a team when you know you’re fighting a losing battle

Running away from Caterham

When someone says F1 is boring

Mercedes hilarious


DRS hate

When you give your prediction for the race win and they end up getting a bad start

I immediately regret this decision

Awkward grid walks

Awkward grid walks

When someone challenges you to an F1 quiz

When someone challenges you to an F1 quiz

All the tea you drink during a race

Tea during a race

The Podium: Shag, Marry, Avoid


Perhaps not all F1 fans understand this…

Side-by-side pit lane racing

When your team overtakes

How it feels when your favourite driver gets out ahead of the pack after a pitstop

Failed celebrations

When someone hates on your favourite driver

When someone hates on your favourite driver

Awkward podium interviews


When teammates crash

Fuck that

When Smedley makes everything okay


Nico’s hair


When it looks like your favourite won’t get a drive

Not cryingThis beard

this beard

Waiting for the F1 season to start again

Going mad feels like