Luxury cars are capable of making any journey a far more enjoyable and comfortable experience, with the vast majority designed to offer increased leg room, smoothness, high quality performance and a plethora of neat high-tech equipment to make the most of. If you ever wondered what it might be like to travel first class on the motorway, luxury cars are designed to give you that exact experience.

A new wave of luxury cars arrive on the scene every year, with high quality manufacturers fighting for top spot by introducing newly designed luxury vehicles. Here are five of the best luxury cars we’ve come across this year, including a few regular as well as some notable newcomers.

Mercedes S-Class


If you’re looking for that unique Mercedes experience at its finest, look no further than the Mercedes S-Class. The latest update has helped it to maintain its position as one of the best luxury cars you could ever invest in, with outstanding interior comfort, double glazed windows plenty of leg room and massaging seats.

The engine is quiet yet powerful, while it remains an excellent choice as a limousine experience, mainly due to the air suspension. There aren’t many luxury cars out there that utilise the latest interior technology better than the Mercedes S-Class, with all the extra equipment you need to enjoy your driving experience from start to finish.

Jaguar XJ


The Jaguar XJ Saloon is unrivalled in terms of the driving experience, with a firm suspension that puts it ahead of competitors such as BMW and Mercedes. This car proves to be a wonderful drive thanks to its wide range of onboard equipment and the fact that it’s noticeably fast. It has a stylish interior that oozes class and luxury, while the engine makes very little noise as you travel with very little difficulty whatsoever.

Unfortunately, the Jaguar XJ doesn’t quite live up to the comfortable experiences you get from the Mercedes but the leather seats and climate control promote that luxurious experience you’re looking for from a car like this one. The 3.0-litre diesel engine returns an astounding 47mpg; excellent economy for a car of this size.

Lexus LS


Are Lexus capable of squeezing their way into the top rate luxury cars of 2014? They haven’t done much wrong with the Lexus LS Saloon, which certainly has the looks. It’s the absolute pinnacle of the Japanese manufacturer’s capabilities when it comes to integrating new technology into their vehicles, with plenty of neat gadgets and cleverly integrated hybrid technology. While the hybrid model is quite pricey, the petrol version is very economical.

It might not reach the same heights as BMW. Audi or Mercedes in terms of the driving experience but it’s incredibly smooth and great for any long-distance motorway journey. Lexus have a reputation for being reliable, so you can certainly count on this car to be a wonderful companion for many years to come.

Range Rover SUV


Regularly tipped as one of the best luxury cars around today, the Range Rover SUV looks as enough like an off-roader to put you off even giving it a try. Anyone who steps inside will be thankful however, with some truly staggering interior that certainly lives up to the luxury tag. The drive is incredibly quiet and the lighter model promotes better fuel economy.

It has a V6 diesel engine model offers all the power you need at 38mpg. It’s certainly the practical choice, featuring plenty of electrically operated technology onboard such as the split tailgate which provides easy access to the boot. We find the Range Rover SUV to be one of the most luxurious cars on offer today.

BMW 7 Series


The luxury features of the BMW 7 Series are quite subtle, so you might be put off getting one if you put it next to a few of the other cars we’ve mentioned in this list, not least the Lexus or the Range Rover. However, the car is incredibly well equipped and offers a fun driving experience that’s very difficult to match.

A firm suspension is accompanied by very powerful engines, so you’ll get excellent handling despite the car being quite large. The Mercedes S-Class sets a very high bar for comfort and the BMW is yet another luxury car that doesn’t quite reach those heights but there’s plenty going in with regards to technology such as adjustable rear seats and automatic window blinds.

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