I’ve been feeling a little disenchanted with my Punto lately. I think when you write about cars and tweet about them almost constantly, you tend to set your sights a little high. When I saw that Tempcover were running a competition to win all the James Bond movies, I thought I’d take part. It’s a bit of fun and it gives you a bit of an insight into my car and my tastes.

You need to take one Punto. Preferably one of the bright orange, sport models. If that fails then a 1.2 basic blue Punto will do.

Take said Punto and turn it into an Aston Martin… No, I’m joking. Focus on the Punto.


I’d love for every car I own to be orange. However, if I were James Bond (I’m not, clearly) it’d have to be something a bit more inconspicuous. For all the spying. Let’s go with drop grey.

Sound system

Toyota Vios

Now, I’m not entirely sure what Bond’s musical tastes are but you’re going to need to have a decent sound system in a car if you’re to seduce any ladies gents.

Load the Punto up with subwoofers, speakers etc. Make sure there’s a CD case containing the work of Bowie, Grand Funk Railroad and Asia.


I’m not hugely technical when it comes to this stuff so this might not be possible. However, Q is a bit of a genius so I’m sure he could hook me up.

  • Bigger engine
  • Low profile tyres
  • Alloys
  • A better gearbox
  • More roar

City drive can stay, I love that smooth steering.


  • Invisibility – I need this so I can park somewhere naughty and not get in trouble for it.
  • Speed camera killer
  • Ejector seat – Not for any particular reason other than it’s a good threat to passengers/chatty Bond-girls.
  • Wi-fi – If my car was my own portable hotspot, I’d be a happy 007. You can still tweet when you’re a spy, right?
  • Lap timer – For all those car chases that take place during Silverstone track days.

Tilt shift grid.


Now, a Punto probably shouldn’t qualify as a Bond car but I suppose it would make a good car to drive around Italy when you’re pretending to not be a spy. I don’t think I’d made a good 00-anything simply because I’m a bit too ostentatious to ever keep a low profile. Now, where’s my orange Mustang?

Photo credit: AtomDocs and mre1965 via photopin cc