For many students, the start of their university career will be the first time that they live away from home. The new environment, routine, and requirement for self-discipline can become a little overwhelming and contact with home becomes a vital lifeline. Part of this lifeline is the capacity to arrange a journey home how and when it is needed or desired.

Students with different travel needs

While a lot of students may be able to board a train and get home in a single journey there are more that will either need to take multiple bus or train journeys and indeed some may even need to take a flight. Students that come from rural areas are the most affected by this issue and being able to get home for family events, breaks and holidays is equally important.

Driver training for young adults

Some students will already have a driver’s license and indeed own a car, however, the clear majority of young entrants to university will not. This means that over the next three or four years many will undergo an additional learning curve. The driving education experience. As if it’s not bad enough that they have to develop a new set of study skills and navigate a social environment that is unfamiliar, learning to drive comes as part of a core set of subskills that are  important to developing their lives.

Driving develops employability

Learning to drive while still at university will offer several advantages for the student. Students are often short of cash all the time. Being able to drive widens your job prospects and means you can look further afield rather just a couple of miles from campus for a part-time job. It also means employers may consider you as potentially more reliable as you wouldn’t be dependent on public transport or someone else to get to work on time. Additionally, the employer may also view your driving ability as a flexible option when moving staff between sites.

Post Graduate benefits of early driver education

The advantage of a driver’s license goes beyond the benefits to you as an undergraduate as the possession of license a few years on will have a knock-on effect on employment later too. A graduate that looks for a job and is already in possession of a driver’s licence will have a soft skill that puts them at an advantage over graduates that don’t. Even more relevant is the graduate that has a no claims bonus of several years as insuring the young is notoriously expensive. Driving experience will also make the upward mobility of the graduate easier as promotion within their graduate programmes may come with car allowances or company cars. Benefits that are moot if there is no drivers license. Indeed, some promotions may require the ability to drive and the lack of a license may create a glass ceiling that can only be broken through once the license has been held for a year or two.

The learning process and testing

University summer breaks present a perfect opportunity for additional practice and booking tests. Once a student has graduated they will have precious few weeks of annual leave and will full tiring full days, sometimes over weekends too. The time and flexibility to arrange driving lessons let alone the tests both for the theory and practical portions of the driving examination will be lost. During their student years, undergraduates can make use of booking services like this one to easily change the dates and times of their tests to suit their lifestyles. Once they are employed full time in a career based job this will become more difficult.

Considering the cost

While the cost of driving may be considered beyond the reach of many a student, there are multiple options for purchasing and indeed insuring a car for a young person. Students can recoup costs by joining a ride-sharing scheme for the long journeys home, where the additional passengers share the cost of the journey cutting the cost of travel by up to eighty percent for the student. There will always be other students that do not or cannot drive, which means that there will be the opportunity to share transport costs even locally.

In the longer term obtaining a driver’s license is an investment for the future for any student. Even if they do not own a car themselves or car share with another student to mitigate costs, the earlier they obtain that license, the cheaper the insurance will become once they graduate and move on to the world of graduate careers.